During the summer of 2014, I worked at CBC Toronto’s Metro Morning. There, I was an associate producer, interviewing and booking guests as well as producing segments and short documentaries for the daily morning show. While in Ottawa, I also reported for their local radio newscast.

Below you can find some of my CBC radio pieces:

I spent time covering the Toronto organization FEAT. The unique organization works with children who have a parent in the Ontario prison system, offering support, counselling and even organizing weekend trips to prisons across the province. One Saturday, I rode the bus with one family to learn more about the vital service FEAT provides. You can listen to my documentary, which aired on CBC’s Metro Morning, here.

I spoke to Canadian folk singer Matthew Barber about why he wrote the song ‘On the 505,’ which is based on the 2013 tragic shooting death of Toronto teenager Sammy Yatim.

(Interview conducted and edited by Kaitlyn McGrath)

I visited St. Patrick’s long term care home in Ottawa to report on seven (7!) residents who were celebrating reaching the century mark (or beyond).

(Interviews conducted and edited by Kaitlyn McGrath)

Western MAJ work

As a master’s student, I worked on several audio projects, including short news reports, documentaries and live interviews. Below are two pieces I completed for Western’s radio station, CHRW.

Kids Kicking Cancer is an organization that teaches martial arts breathing techniques to children undergoing chemotherapy to help them to manage the pain. I met a family who had benefited greatly from this organization. Listen below:

For a sports and health current affairs show airing on CHRW, I interviewed Ryan Hamilton, a sports psychologist from the University of New Brunswick on the issues of hazing and bullying in sport. Listen below: