I specialized in television news during my master’s program, which gave me the skills to report, write, edit and produce TV news.

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My experience working in TV stems mainly from my summer working at the CBC where I split my time between Toronto and Ottawa.

In Toronto, I was an associate producer for The National, the public broadcaster’s flagship newscast. In Ottawa, I worked as a reporter and writer for the local evening and nightly news.

As an associate producer at the National, I worked closely with other producers to bring daily stories to air. In particular, I helped put together a number of feature stories for CBC’s 2014 FIFA World Cup coverage.

While in Ottawa, I pitched original, hyper-local stories and within my first week, I had reported and produced a two-minute feature story for the evening news. For the remainder of my time there, I continued to have my reports aired on both radio and TV.

Below you can find a few of my stories from Ottawa.

You can also view my demo here.

CBC work

Western MAJ work

During my master’s program, I worked on several TV stories but the one below is my favourite. I profiled a former football player turned master’s student who was developing a method to better track and treat concussions in football. You can watch the full story below: